Where to Buy a Dumbbell in Toronto?

Where to Buy a Dumbbell in Toronto?

As soon as the pandemic hit in 2020, we knew there would be a dumbbell shortage. It was the first thing that we sold out of, and that was the hardest thing to get our hands-on. Luckily The Treadmill Factory had one of the largest collections of dumbbells in stock, and we were able to cater to our clients and help build temporary home gyms.

 You can pick up the dumbbells at our six locations or shop online 24/7. The most popular dumbbells that we carry are rubber-coated virgin hacks dumbbells. They come anywhere from 3 pounds to 120 pounds and are sold individually.

Our 5-50 dumbbell set is one of our most popular sellers, and that includes a dumbbell storage stand to keep the space neat, tidy, and safe.

We started importing dumbbells in the early 2000s, and we're one of the first companies in Canada to import direct. We found that buying in bulk offered our customers the best pricing possible.

 Early on, we would import recycled dumbbells. We had them on display in a pile in the showroom, and they would admit the heavy odour. Over time we started getting mild headaches, and the constant smell just got very uncomfortable. At this point, we went back to the factory and asked about virgin rubber instead of recycled rubber. Virgin rubber uses fewer chemicals because it does not have to go through a heavy recycling process; this causes the rubber dumbbells to emit less of a toxic odour. It did cost us a little more, but we decided it was well worth the price difference to avoid the headaches and the poisonous fumes. Since then, virgin rubber has been the primary dumbbell type that the treadmill factory sells.

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