CoreFx Adjustable Dumbbell 71.5LB Single

CoreFx Adjustable Dumbbell 71.5LB Single

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Time is of the essence when you’re blasting through your heavy workouts. Revolutionizing the way you lift, the COREFX dial-adjustable dumbbells usher in a new breed of powerlifting. With an ultra-simple, almost-instant switch of a dial, change your weights by 5.5lb increments – from 11lb all the way to 71.5 pounds. Doing away with time wasted changing between weights and clunky, bulky gear senselessly taking up room – this adjustable weight set is a sleek, efficient way to blaze towards your gains.

And COREFX’s efficiency never compromises on quality: featuring steel plates protected by a durable molding, these dumbbells are created from premium materials made to endure wear and tear. Providing soundlessly smooth movement while replacing the need for 12 dumbbells, there’s no better gear out there to transform your at-home power sessions.

Simply adjust the dial to your desired resistance, then power through each of your sets. With a safety interlock catch that keeps you protected at all times, blast through rows, curls, presses, pullovers, deadlifts, and more. Suitable for a wide range of strength training exercises.

*Sold individually*

Revolutionize the way you lift with our COREFX’s dial-adjustable dumbbells. Quit strength training with clanging noises, wasting precious time changing between weights – with our unique dial system, powering up is as effortless as the turn of a switch. Lift efficiently , smoothly, and powerfully for staggering results . And just as a bonus: our dumbbells’ sleek design barely takes up space – the ultimate companion upgrade for your at-home workouts.


Premium Construction

Because high-quality is never enough: our steel plates are made to endure the most turbocharged of workouts. Pairing premium construction with durable molding, lift smoothly and soundlessly in your at-home gym.

premium construction
ultra efficient weight switching


Weight Switching

Our unique dial system does away with bulk, time-wasting, and unoptimized results. Featuring adjustable 5.5lb increments all the way up to 71.5 pounds, simply lift, switch, and power through each of your supersets.

supreme safety on lock

Supreme Safety

On Lock

Don’t stress about moving or falling weight plates – with our safety interlock catch, the entirety of your mind can focus with each breath. Sturdy and supremely safe for all your full-blast workouts.

CoreFx Adjustable dumbbells


  • – Dial adjustable dumbbells

  • – Combined weights of 11 to 71.5lb that replaces 12 dumbbells

  • – Premium steel plates covered in chrome black, durable molding

  • – Safety interlock catch

  • – Store with our adjustable dumbbell stand (sold separately)

  • – Includes a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase

CoreFx Adjustable Dumbbell