Element PALLADIUM Arm Extension

Element PALLADIUM Arm Extension

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Element Fitness Palladium 9723 Arm Extension

Pin selectorized equipment for working out musculus triceps brachii. The exerciser could effectively work out musculus triceps brachii by holding the handle with two hands and pushing the tumbler along the elbow joint after choosing appropriate weight.

  • User-friendly design allows easy entry and exit.
  • Three Linkage structure makes the seat adjustment smoothly, ease of use.
  • Ergonomic handle bar is self-adaptive to meet various users

Product Size(L*W*H) 1580*1146*1492(mm)
Product Weight 163.5kg
Standard Weight Stack 160LBS/72KG
Optional Weight Stack 200LBS/91KG
Product Features
Tube The upright tubes are with special tube at size 72.8*141.7*3mm, and the functional part with race track tube at size 40*133*3mm. Tubes applys double powder-coated & painting process which ensure high-quality and ultra durability.
Shrouds Uniformly low profile at 1492mm is designed by American team. Translucent shroud at thickness 3.2mm with smooth pattern is in injection molding , which designed elegantly and ensures ultra durability and non-deformation.
Workout Instruction Build-in console , which is well designed by American UI team, displays reps and time
Seat Adjustment With spiral spring assistance system, the patented 3-linkage seat adjustment is concisely designed , cost-saving and offers easy installment.
Upholstery Ergonomically designed upholstery is with PU foam which offers comfort and safety protection.
Belt + Cable Belt and cable driving system are both applied. Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 250 thousand times. The belt is with steel wire embedded which ensures ultra durability and long lifetime.
Handles Ergonomically designed handle bars , which is patented, are with TPU matrial and aluminium grip ring. The concise design offers comfort and safety.
Dynamic Components All dynamic components are shielded for safety purpose.
Guide Rod The steel guide rod (diameter:19mm) is anti-corrosion coated and polished which ensures smoothly travel and rust-proof
Bottle Holder Friendly designed iPad and bottle holders are separated to meet various requirement.
Hardware Bearing All the hardware parts exposed are nickel plated or stainless steel. The NBK bearing is applied.
Incremental Weight The 5LBS incremental weight is to meet users requirement
Safety Meet EN957 safety regulation