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Studies have concluded that foam rolling is an effective strategy for both short-term and long-term improvements in flexibility, sprint performance and recovery rate. Massage and relax your muscles with the Escape Fitness Ubersoft Foam Massage Roller, the best tool for flushing out lactic acid and improving your fitness performance.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Ubersoft Roller?

  • Softer Roller: A roller doesn't have to be hard to be effective - the Ubersoft Roller provides a user friendly soft surface and light density that helps muscles be revived or recovered after exercise or long periods of inactivity. Larger than other roller models, the Ubersoft Roller is ideal for working bigger areas where the pain/pleasure of a truly vigorous massage is not always necessary.
  • Beginners: As the softest foam roller Escape Fitness offers, the Ubersoft is perfect for beginners. Offering a gentle introduction to the world of foam rollers, this soft foam roller can long be a part of your routine even once you graduate to firmer rollers thanks to the forgiving massage it provides.
  • Rehabilitation: The Escape Fitness Ubersoft Roller can be used to help users recover from sore and aching muscles. Rolling the roller against the affected area will help release painful muscular knots and stimulate blood flow to speed up the healing process.
  • Clubs and Gyms: Catering to beginners is essential when it comes to introducing your clients to foam rollers. Perfect for stretching areas, the Ubersoft can be used for warm-downs, pilates and massages, and is conveniently sized as a full-length treatment tool.

Features of the Escape Fitness Ubersoft Roller

  • Extra soft long foam roller
  • Ideal for beginners who are new to foam rolling
  • Ideal for pilates and balance training
  • Gentle massage for aching muscles
  • Full length to cover larger areas
  • Bright, inviting design

Key Specifications of the Escape Fitness Ubersoft Roller

  • Size: (Length) 905mm x (Diameter) 150mm
  • Material: Soft Foam
  • Colour: Blue