H2O Bag

H2O Bag

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H2O Bag

The ultimate in unstable training that will rock your core and find, then strengthen, your weakest spots.

  • 30" long x 22" circumference
  • Holds up to 45lbs of water
  • Pump included
  • The ultimate in unstable training tools:
    Forces your core and all stabilising muscles to work to the max. Try an overhead lunge or Turkish get-up with it and you’ll feel everything working overtime!
  • You can change the instability:
    The fuller it is the heavier, and more stable, and conversely with less water it will be light but hard to control!
  • Perfect for training while you travel:
    Compact and light (less than 1kg), whether you’re going interstate or international you can keep training.
  • Great for getting the perfect overhead lockout position:
    The positioning of the handles and the fact that in overhead lockout the weight sits behind your hands, combine to gently pull your shoulders into an ideal overhead lockout position. Equals more shoulder and thoracic mobility.
  • Great for conditioning
    Use it on its own or put it into a circuit, repeating movements like clean and press with the H2O bag will be sure to get your heart rate up.
  • Two different handle positions so you have plenty of variety in your choice of exercises:
    Use one set for side to side swings, then switch for side to side snatches. You can also vary the width of the handles for even more variety in you lifts, and you can adjust to find the perfect hand position for you.
  • A perfect complement to any other training you do:
    Because the H2O Bag is so unique it will shock your muscles in a very different way from any other training tool (including other odd/unstable objects such as sandbags). This means you will have all bases covered if you incorporate the H2O Bag into your training program.
  • Exercises you can do with the H2O Bag:
    Squats, lunges, zercher squats, step ups, Bulgarian squats, fireman’s carry, rows, military presses, clean and jerks, snatches, swings, curls, French press, and many more……