IRONAX XC - HS Hack Squat

IRONAX XC - HS Hack Squat

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IRONAX XC - HS Hack Squat

Introducing the IRONAX Hack Squat: the ultimate fitness equipment that revolutionizes leg training. This cutting-edge machine offers an ergonomic design, minimizing strain on joints while engaging key muscle groups for optimal results. With adjustable resistance, it caters to athletes of all levels and allows for customizable workouts. The padded seat and backrest ensure comfort, while its sturdy construction guarantees stability and fluid movement. By investing in the IRONAX Hack Squat, you'll enhance lower body strength, build lean muscle mass, improve posture, and elevate your athletic performance. Unleash your potential and redefine what's possible with this transformative fitness equipment.

The back pad is divided into two pieces and is interlocked at an Angle to better fit the user's back, which is ergonomic and provides enough support for the user's back. Meanwhile, the split back pad design is convenient for later maintenance and replacement.

The safety limit has two adjustable levels to meet the needs of users of different heights.

Length x Width x Height 78" x 58.4" x 51.8"
Weight 221.7 lbs
Maximum Load 385 lbs each