IRONAX XC - SCF Standing Chest Fly

IRONAX XC - SCF Standing Chest Fly

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IRONAX XC - SCF Standing Chest Fly

Introducing the IRONAX Hack Squat/Leg Press machine: the ultimate way to elevate your chest workout! This exercise is a game-changer when it comes to targeting your pectoral muscles and achieving that sculpted chest you desire. By simulating a fly-like motion, the standing chest fly engages and strengthens your chest muscles, enhancing both size and definition. With its adjustable resistance and natural range of motion, this exercise guarantees a challenging yet effective workout. Take your chest training to new heights with the Standing Chest Fly!

The height of the turning point matches the height of the user's shoulder, giving the user a more comfortable experience and precise stimulation of muscle groups.

The movable handle can meet the holding positions of users with different arm spans.

Rigid connection to optimize the user's experience.

Length x Width x Height 59.6" x 51.5" x 58.7"
Weight 154.3 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs each