IRONAX XC - SLR Standing Lateral Raise

IRONAX XC - SLR Standing Lateral Raise

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IRONAX XC - SLR Standing Lateral Raise

Introducing the IRONAX Standing Lateral Raise: the ultimate game-changer when it comes to sculpting those shoulder muscles. It specifically targets the lateral deltoids, giving you that wide and defined shoulder look. With a standing lateral raise, you'll be able to rock sleeveless tops with confidence and showcase your hard-earned shoulder gains. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your upper body workouts with this awesome piece of equipment!

The height of the turning point matches the height of the user's shoulder, giving the user a more comfortable experience and precise stimulation of muscle groups.

Limit the use range of the lift-arm to avoid overextension.

The movable handle can meet the holding positions of users with different arm spans

Length x Width x Height 45.8" x 34.8" x 61"
Weight 126.3 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs each