SOLE Fitness SFT160 Functional Trainer

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SOLE Fitness SFT160 Functional Trainer

The Sole Fitness SFT160 Functional Trainer can help you gain core strength while improving coordination and balance. Durability, variety, safety, and performance have all been carefully considered to create a single device that allows for a full-body workout.

Attachments, pull-up bars, and numerous pulley configurations are provided, providing an astounding number of exercise alternatives in one machine. Depending on your demands or available space, the unit can be put against a wall or in a corner. The SFT160 will help you transform your workout aspirations into reality, whether you're seeking for strength training, sport specific training, or something else.

Accessories: Long bar, 2 single handles, ankle strap, tricep rope, assisted pull-up strap, 2 extension chains
Weight Stacks: Two weight stacks, each totalling 160 lbs
Resistance: 2:1 ratio; up to 80 lbs resistance in 5 lbs increments
Frame: Heavy-gauge flat oval tubing, must be secured to floor
Footprint (in.): 52" L x 42" W x 81" H
User Weight Capacity (lbs.): 330 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: 84" L x 41" W x 11" H
Shipping Weight (lbs.): 592 lbs.