XM Fitness Elite Competition Bumper Plates Set

XM Fitness Elite Competition Bumper Plates Set

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320LB ELITE Competition Bumper Plate SET


These ELITE Competition Bumper Plates are institutional quality rubber, featuring steel inserts and solid rubber construction.

  • Sold ONLY AS A SET: 2 x 25lb, 2 x 35lb, 2 x 45lb, 2 x 55lb
  • 8 Bumper Plates total

  • Strict weight tolerance: +/- 10 grams of claimed weight
  • Colours match those of the International Weightlifting Federation
  • Top quality rubber at 90 degree durometer
  • 450mm diameter, 50.4mm collar open
  • Thickness: 25lb - 36mm / 35lb - 41mm / 45lb - 55mm / 55lb - 61mm
  • Chromed full steel central plates fastened by 6 stainless steel bolts