XM Fitness FLOW Rope Resistance Rope

XM Fitness FLOW Rope Resistance Rope

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The Most Versatile Undulation Rope in your Arsenal

Unlike traditional (non-elastic) undulation ropes, the XM Fitness FLOW Rope applies graduated resistance to counter the force of the athlete’s movements, which causes the muscles throughout the entire body to contract. Whether you are trying to lose weight or make some gains, the FLOW Rope can provide a full body workout catering to your specific needs.

This rope has multiple applications: from rotational movement training (which targets the core muscles) and lateral movement training (which targets core stability), to reverse walking (for lower-body strength) and building cardiovascular endurance.

Sport Specific Training: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse and more...

Explosive Power & Cardio Workout

Get your cardio as you do your traditional battle rope exercises. Feel the pull of the rope engage your core, arms and legs. If you want to gain strength, perform any of your normal strength training exercises, like presses, rows, curls and triceps extensions. Power and explosiveness comes as well when you put your body to the test, broad jumps with a press will push you to your limits and take you to a level you have always wanted.

Incorporate a belt or harness (waist or shoulder), and use the resistance for agility or plyometric training.

Protective Sheath Cover

The Protective Sheath covering serves to extend the life of your exercise equipment. The sheath covers the Premium Rubber Core, and prevents you from stretching the tubing to dangerous extremes, by enforcing it's fixed length as the extension limit. The FLOW Rope will stretch from 10 feet to 30 feet long, max.

The open nylon ends can be looped around to use an end as an anchor point, or used as handles.

  • 10 - 30 feet in length
  • Premium-grade resistance tubing design
  • Best resistance tubing for safety, durability and function
  • up to 150 pounds of resistance with each rope
  • Sold individually