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Improve XM rig safety and performance with Sling Brackets

Sling Brackets are another great addition to add to your XM Rig inventory. They work together with the Slings, giving you increased safety and performance.

  • Extra safety if you drop a bar so both you and your bar are protected.
  • Allow you to perform more complex moves like zercher squats, dead stop squats, rack pulls and hang cleans with confidence.
  • Fast and easy to adjust. No fumbling about with complicated locking systems.
  • Extra quiet. There's no metal on metal. The brackets have a tough polyethylene cover that maximises lifespan and minimises noise.
  • Ideal for band loading and deloading.
  • Sold in a set: 4 sling brackets and a pair of slings
  • *Guaranteed to work with XM Fitness Infinity Series Product Only