Interactive Consoles – Peloton, Ifit and Matrix

Interactive Consoles – Peloton, Ifit and Matrix

Interactive Consoles – Peloton, Ifit and Matrix Fitness

 Undoubtedly, Peloton had skyrocketed in popularity during Covid because of their at-home live fitness classes. While the content was entertaining and motivational, many thought that the steep monthly fee exceeded the program’s benefit. Peloton stock has plummeted due to a lack of treadmill and spin bike sales and the lack of current customers  to extend their original monthly subscription. There is no doubt that interactive programming and Livestream bring a new element to fitness enthusiasts and the novice. It is not only entertaining but very motivational.

 As a result of the popularity of interactive fitness classes and consoles placed on fitness equipment, many other fitness equipment manufacturers have integrated the same technology into their equipment. It has launched an assault on the peloton trend capturing online and offline fitness classes on its Nordic track and pro-form home fitness products. The benefit to iFit is that they are an actual manufacturer of fitness equipment and therefore incorporate their online platform to treadmills and spin bikes and their regular exercise bikes, rowers, functional trainers, ellipticals, and mostly everything that they make. Another advantage to Ifit is that Its content is much more vast than the peloton platform and adds a fraction of the monthly cost.

 Matrix Fitness, arguably the premium in-home and commercial fitness equipment, has licensed the iFit platform on some of their interchangeable consoles. This allows consumers to obtain the best quality equipment platform and combine it with an interactive aspect. The most differentiating factor in the matrix consoles is that they are open source. This means that you can run both iFit and other third-party apps,g YouTube, Spotify, Netflix,Web surfing, and cooperating an HDMI input, essentially enabling any third-party apps to run, including live television. Matrix Fitness has one of the best warranties that any manufacturer offers. This, coupled with a fully interactive console, makes them amongst the most desired pieces of fitness equipment in the industry.

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