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Shop for premium Olympic weightlifting bars, hex bars, barbell weights, and barbell sets. We also offer heavy-duty infinity racks with rubber Olympic sets, perfect for athletes with high standards looking to level up their weightlifting training.

Olympic barbells, weights, and sets: features and specs

The Olympic weights bar is designed to hold heavier weights than a standard barbell. Olympic bars are longer, wider, have heavier ends, and are rated between 700 lbs and 950 lbs. On the other hand, standard bars are rated for weights up to 110 lbs.

Olympic weights are perfect for heavy-duty workouts and are an effective addition to strength-conditioning programs.

Our selection of Olympic weightlifting bars consists of equipment made of sturdy materials such as black steel and aluminum, with select models hardened with a chrome or matte black finish.

A wide variety of lengths and diameters and different weight support (up to 500+ lbs) ensure you’ll find the right piece of equipment for your needs, whether you’re a recreational or professional powerlifter.

Our cast iron Olympic weight sets include plates in different increments adding up to 140 lbs and 230 lbs. You can also choose bundle options that include barbells and a pair of Olympic spring collars each. The York Barbell model includes plates adding up to 300 lbs, and the Element Fitness alternative set comes with plates in a combined weight of 275 lbs.

To make your training space more practical, you can also shop for a sturdy infinity rack that comes with a 45 lbs Olympic bar and a set of virgin rubber Olympic plates.

Why train with Olympic barbell weights?

There’s more to weightlifting than just building muscle mass. This type of training can also help you improve your posture, sleep better, gain bone density, and lower inflammation.

Olympic weights can be used to complete a wide range of movements, including deadlifts, trap shrugs, lunges, overhead presses, stationery box lunges, single-leg squats, yolk carries, Zercher carries and squats, Farmers Walk carries and more.

Elevate your weightlifting training with branded Olympic barbell weights

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Make the most of your weightlifting sessions and improve your health

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