Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

"If you are limited on space or traveling, bands and tubing are a great way to add to your strength training workout, stretching routine, or rehabilitate from injury for minimal costs. Looking to build the legs and glutes? The mini bands are the top pick! Perform a wide variation of lower body exercises from banded squats, glute kick backs, lateral movements to improve strength in the glutes, quads, hamstrings, abductor, and adductor muscles. The Element Fitness mini bands range in 5 resistance levels from light all the way to heavy.

The Element Fitness Hip Bands are a great option if you are looking for a band that may sit more comfortably above the knee. The fabric material doesn’t allow the band to roll down your leg when performing an exercise. If you are worried about mini bands snapping, these are a great and more durable alternative. The Element hip bands are all one resistance level however available in different sizes. The most common picked size is the medium hip band.

Strength bands are probably one of the most versatile bands on the market, with a wide variety of exercises and stretches that can be performed. There are 6 different resistance levels. Having trouble doing a pull up or chin up? Strength bands can help with this, with the higher resistance bands providing more assistance to your chin up and the lower resistance bands providing less resistance forcing you to use more of your own body strength. Strength bands are also used to aid in advancing your barbell lifts by adding a variable resistance to your exercise. Most commonly used for stretching and warmup exercises are the red and black band.

Resistance bands are great for rehabilitation, our Element Fitness resistance bands come in a 56” length band which is great for single users and rolls which is great to cut for larger groups or classes. Tube bands are viewed as a more comfortable to use band since it has handles. Our most popular style is the Element Pro Sheath Tubing which has a protective sheath against snapping. Pair this or any band with the Element Door Anchor for home use and enjoy an easy adjustable and efficient way to make the most of your bands with a variety of exercise."
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About Bands and Tubing

Strength Bands are incredibly versatile tools for adding resistance to Speed & Agility Training, Plyometrics, Aerobics, Stretching, Flexibility Exercises, General Conditioning, Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation. The Treadmill Factory carries a large selection of resistance bands, strength bands, resistance tubing and mini bands which range in terms of levels, color and pricing.

Mini Bands

Our mini bands are available in three different levels of resistance and stretch up to three times their length. They can be used for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises and are effective for both upper and lower body training. When used in conjunction with other exercises, these band sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area. Our mini bands are ideal as they can be used anywhere, in any setting such as at home, on a field, in a clinic, gym and even when traveling.

Resistance Bands

Our resistance bands are available in four different levels of resistance which include light, medium, heavy and extra heavy and are available as single bands or in rolls. You can build strength and flexibility with our Pilates Resistance Bands and hundreds of exercises can be performed safely as these bands are effective for the rehabilitation of injuries and physical therapy. They are also great for portable fitness, toning and maintaining strength. Our bands are 4 feet in length and our rolls are 82 feet in length.

Strength Bands

Our strength bands are available in six different levels of resistance which range from extra extra light to extra heavy. All bands are 41" in length and 3/8" thick. Our wide selection of bands allows customers to choose whether they want a general band used specifically for adding resistance during walks or sprints or if they prefer a band that is used when training for bodyweight pull ups and adding resistance for elite athletes. We also carry accessories like strength band handles which allow you to maximise each workout by giving you more versatility.

Resistance Tubes With Handles

Our resistance tubes with handles are strong, durable and available in five, colour-coded resistance levels. They are 4 feet in length with premium grade resistance tubing design and industrial strength plastic handles. They provide the best resistance tubing for safety, durability and function.

Why Buy from Treadmill Factory in Toronto

All of our bands are also ideal for body-weight training exercises such as assisted pull ups and dips. They're made of 100% natural latex through a continuous layering process to ensure longevity. We stock a variety of Strength Bands for a range of different fitness applications and have options for everyone at any fitness level, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Our regular bands are ideal for residential use, while our Pro Bands are more for commercial application so there really is an option for everyone! Check out our entire collection of different bands and tubing by visiting us in person at one of our store locations or by visiting us online to have any of the items shipped directly to your door!

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