I want to return my purchase! What do I do?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions - RETURNS page to see our policy regarding returns. Please read carefully to ensure that your purchase is eligible for a return. All returns must be authorized by an online representative through email prior to the item(s) being returned. Simply sending an item back does not guarantee a credit or refund.

How long does it take for me to get a refund?

Typically all refunds are issued when the item(s) are returned to our warehouse. Packages and items are reviewed to ensure they are in their original condition, after which the refund will be issued. Once the refund is done on our end, it takes a couple business days for the customer to see the refund on their end. Please see our Terms & Conditions - RETURNS page for more details.

How do I ship back my product?

Once the request for a return has been authorized by a Treadmill Factory Online representative, the customer will receive an email with details pertaining to our return policy. Details such as the address it must be returned to and what information is required will all be outlined in this email. Please see our Terms & Conditions - RETURNS page for more details.

Can I return my online purchase in store?

Online purchases may be returned in store if approved by a Treadmill Factory representative.


Do you offer Financing options?

Yes! For more details on financing visit our Financing Options section. The Treadmill Factory we like to offer different options so that everyone can own their favourite piece of fitness equipment.

Do you do backorders?

Details on backordered items can be found on our Terms & Conditions - BACKORDERS page. The Treadmill Factory diligently tries to avoid any and all backorders and we update our website daily to keep our customers informed of any products that are currently unavailable. There may, however, be the rare occasion that an item marked as "in stock" is incredibly popular and sells out fast. In this case, any customer who purchases an item online that has recently gone out of stock will receive a timely email notification informing them of the situation as well as providing them with an ETA for that particular item.

Do you have a catalogue?

All of the items that we consistently carry are featured on our website. Content is updated daily to ensure customers can view all of the products we carry as well as additional information. Now and again, we might have trial products, and these may or may not be featured on our website, as availability will vary from store to store.

Do you price match your competitors?

We encourage any customer with this inquiry to call our sales team directly to discuss the item and price. Price matches will be considered depending on the item in question. Our staff will provide the necessary information of why or how some pricing is different amongst competitors and offer insight to additional information the customer may not be aware of.

Can I use my in-store gift card for online purchases?

In store gift cards may only be used for in store purchases. The gift card may not be used or transferred to purchases made online.

Can I get wholesale pricing if I buy in bulk?

The Treadmill Factory will always work with our clients to provide the best pricing possible for bulk purchases. For more details regarding this inquiry please call our sales desk directly, or you may speak to our Commercial Department as well if the purchase/inquiry is not for a residential setting.

What can cause my order to be delayed?

Our policy of shipping within 10-14 business days (during weekdays) applies to orders made prior to 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Delays may occur are if our warehouse is backlogged with orders and shipments during our busy season, or, if there are severe weather conditions that are out of our hands. These situations very rarely occur and The Treadmill Factory does everything in our power to ensure that customers receive their packages as quickly as possible.


If you don't see an answer to your question, please visit our Terms & Conditions page, or other pages listed in the footer of this site. Alternatively, you can always call or email us for more information.