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The Treadmill Factory is your go-to online store for durable and comfortable training gloves. We offer a selection of weighted sculpting gloves, leather-wrap gloves, boxing and MMA gloves, MMA battle bags, motion-activated dragon fists, and yoga kits.

Training gloves and MMA equipment: features and specs

Our selection of training gloves includes models with anti-slip palm grip, perfect for various workouts: from Yoga to strength training.

The Treadmill Factory also provides 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz boxing gloves made of machine-moulded, flexible latex rubber padding with heavy-duty lining and Velcro closure.

We offer MMA gloves for sparring, grappling, target training, and bag strikes. Our gloves come in several sizes and are made of premium leather for extra durability and comfort.

The MMA battle bag set also includes a pair of MMA gloves, a diet and progress chart, and 10 DVDs with powerful workouts to try at home or a gym.

Our yoga kit comprises a 5mm TPE yoga mat, a matching absorbent towel, two lightweight yoga blocks, and a pair of textured, non-slip neoprene gloves.

We also distribute motion-activated dragon fists perfect for children interested in boxing and MMA. Include the little ones in your training sessions and help them engage in a safe and fun way.

Training and boxing gloves and battle bags: benefits and use cases

Training gloves are designed to protect your hands and fingers during exercises with gym equipment. They form a protective barrier and add extra support, decreasing the chance of developing calluses and eliminating the need for chalk.

Additionally, they decrease the risk of unintentionally dropping weights, lowering the risk of injury.

Similarly, boxing gloves protect your hands from injury caused by impact. The smaller the glove, the more force is absorbed by both the hand of the person who’s punching and the opponent’s head.

Battlebags, on the other hand, offer a training aid for cardio, strength and resistance workouts all rolled into one. Unlike traditional punching bags, bottle bags are lighter and filled with special memory foam, making them especially suitable for garage gym use.

Powerful workouts start with heavy-duty training equipment.

Get first-class fitness and boxing gloves and MMA products manufactured by BattleBag, Beachbody, Century, Fight Monkey, Progryp, and Stratusphere. Whether a beginner boxer, an MMA enthusiast or an advanced athlete, you’re sure to find the right equipment to elevate your workouts and support your training regime.

Get in shape with first-class boxing and MMA equipment

If you need professional fitness equipment for your personal or commercial gym, you have come to the right place. The Treadmill Factory offers a variety of MMA and boxing products made to withstand heavy use and guarantee optimal results.

Browse our store to find and order training gloves, battle bags, and Yoga kits in just a few clicks. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.