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Browse The Treadmill Factory's online store to find the best Olympic rubber weight plates for your home or commercial gym. We offer individually sold virgin rubber grip plates that weigh from 2.5 lbs to 45 lbs and an Olympic rubber weight set with a maximum capacity of 661 lbs.

Olympic rubber weight plates: features and specs

Our weight plates are 100% virgin rubber, also known as natural rubber or NR. Unlike Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP), virgin rubber isn’t made from processed end-of-life tire material and scrap rubber.

Since it doesn’t undergo the chemical treatment that gives second-hand rubber an unpleasant smell, virgin rubber guarantees a workout experience that won't irritate you or give you a headache. Additionally, natural rubber looks more polished, provides superior shock absorption, and is significantly easier to maintain.

Our virgin rubber weight plates are designed to fit the 2" diameter Olympic bar. Choose the weight that suits your fitness regime: you have weights from 2.5 lbs to 45 lbs at your disposal.

The rubber plate set we offer includes a 45 lbs Olympic bar with 255 lbs of weight plates, supporting a maximum weight of 661 lbs.

The special Ergo hand grip design makes it easy to pick up, add and remove weight plates whenever you want. This practical aspect makes your workouts smoother, providing more recovery time in between sets and allowing undisturbed focus on your lift sessions.

Effective exercises with rubber grip plates

Working with rubber weight plates can have a tremendous effect on your health and body shape. Not only do these exercises help increase muscle mass, but they also promote a whole range of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Weight plates can help if you gain:

  • Stronger bones and more resilient joints,
  • Improved balance,
  • Better disposition,
  • Faster metabolism,
  • Decreased risk of injury while working out.

Even though they’re primarily used with barbells, rubber weight plates can also serve more purposes than weightlifting. To creatively incorporate rubber grip plates into your workout routine, use them for lateral raises, chest squeeze presses, squat presses, side bends, and weighted sit-ups.

Optimize your weightlifting workouts with rubber grip plates

Build muscle mass, increase strength, burn fat, and improve bone health using a piece of gym equipment designed to empower your workouts. Rubber Olympic weight plates are a welcome addition to every gym and can easily be incorporated into every weightlifting routine.

Shop online and get the best rubber plate or weight plate set for you. We offer the best prices and fast shipping anywhere in Canada.