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Browse The Treadmill Factory online store to find a variety of top-quality neoprene dumbbells in different colours and weight increments. We also offer an option for athletes who need sturdy dumbbell racks to store the equipment and maximize the usable training area.

The Treadmill Factory neoprene dumbbells: features and specs

Neoprene hand weights are comfortable and practical equipment for lifting workouts because they’re so smooth to touch. They are softer than steel or cast iron alternatives and offer an easy grip, so they don’t get slippery as you sweat.

Our collection of neoprene dumbbells consists of equipment suitable for all athletes, regardless of their fitness levels and workout goals. Different colours demarcate weight categories, ranging from 1 lbs to a maximum of 15 lbs.

We also offer a Body Solid neoprene dumbbell rack that can hold 3 weight sets of equipment weighing between 1 lbs and 15lbs. This rack is the perfect choice for personal gyms and commercial training spaces.

Shop neoprene dumbbells made by top-of-the-line fitness brands

Quality equipment sets off effective workouts. To maximize the potential of your sessions and push your body to the limits, choose the best neoprene dumbbells and dumbbell racks for you from our selection of Body Solid, Cap Barbell, and Element Fitness equipment.

How to use neoprene dumbbells in your training?

Neoprene weights are excellent equipment for strength training, aerobics, cardio routines, and HIIT. They can also be a practical addition in rehabilitation sessions, and they’re used by novice athletes and advanced weightlifters.

As classic free weights, dumbbells are typically used for exercises focused on specific muscle groups. However, they support a variety of activities you can incorporate into your routine if you want to get a powerful full-body workout.

You can use neoprene dumbbells to perform movements such as bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses, bent-over rows, arms swings, lunges, calf raises, glute bridges, Russian twists, and many more.

Make the most of your training sessions with durable neoprene dumbbells

Stimulate muscle growth, improve flexibility, and promote better coordination and stability with high-quality dumbbells offered at our store.

Check out our selection of dumbbells and other strength training and conditioning equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.