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Shop high-quality sandbags and other functional training equipment like sandbag filler sleeves, crumb rubber fills, Bulgarian farm bags, and H2O bags. We offer a variety of models from top-tier brands.

How to exercise with sandbag training weights?

Sandbag training is a popular form of workout among beginner and advanced athletes for several reasons:

  • It’s great for stability, building strength and body conditioning;
  • It allows for adding variety to an existing fitness routine;
  • Sandbags are quiet, don’t take too much space, and can be used to train anywhere;
  • There’s no steep learning curve when getting started (which isn’t the case with equipment like kettlebells and dumbbells).

To train with a sandbag correctly, adjust its weight in advance. It should feel challenging enough to bring results but not too heavy to discourage you or lead to strains or injuries.

Some exercises to consider in your sandbag training include compound movements like forward lunges with wood chops, side lunges with front raises, curtsy lunges with hammer curls, and squats with shoulder presses.

The Treadmill Factory: your one-stop shop for weighted sandbags

Our online store features durable sandbags from top brands like Beachbody, XM Fitness, and others.

The Treadmill Factory sandbags: features and specs

The Treadmill Factory selection of weighted sandbags includes products in various weight increments, from 4.4 lbs to 39.7 lbs. They’re filled with micro-grade steel sand, fully sealed in double-stitched neoprene bags, able to withstand the test of time.

Our premium sandbags are made in three sizes: small (20 lbs), medium (30 lbs), and large (40 lbs). Each model comes with a premium shell/bag and 1 to 2 filter bags.

The Bulgarian farm bags cover sizes from XS (11 lbs) to XL (50 lbs). Made of heavy-duty synthetic leather, these sandbags have colour-coded straps so you can easily identify their sizes and weights.

The H2O bag holds up to 45 lbs of water, which makes it the perfect training aid to carry along when travelling. The two different handle positions allow you to create various exercise options.

The recycled crumb rubber we offer is the perfect alternative to sand filler. The amount of 50 lbs of such rubber is enough to fill the space 125 lbs of sand would regularly take, which is a very practical option (especially if you’re a beginner in sandbag training)

At The Treadmill Factory store, we also offer small (20 lbs) and medium (30 lbs) sandbag filler sleeves suitable for Xtreme Monkey sandbags.

Push yourself to the limits with compound exercises perfect for sandbag training

A sandbag is an excellent fitness product when you don’t have too much time to work out but want to make the most of every movement while activating the entire body.

Check out our selection of sandbags and other functional training and conditioning equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.