Power Racks

Power Racks

"Possibly one of the most staple items in any home gym or facility are Power racks and lifting cages. Power racks allow the user to work with free weights and feel safe in an enclosed safety cage.

With Our large selection of full racks, half racks, squat stands and even folding racks we will be sure to find the right fit for you. With such a large assortment of options to choose from we can find any rack or cages to accommodate a low-ceiling that fits in a basement, or a high ceiling that would work in a full fitness facility.

Make sure you take a look at our number one selling power rack, the Infinity rack which allows you to choose from many options to keep your fitness equipment versatile and allow you to introduce new exercises."
Message from our team!

About Power Racks & Cages

If you are looking for solid, reliable, secure and affordable power racks and cages, The Treadmill Factory is the place to go for all of your strength equipment!

Our power racks will allow you to add power to your workouts by offering wide, walk-in designs with plenty of side to side movement so you can complete a variety of exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises safely and effectively with the freedom of movement.

Our power racks are designed to help improve strength training so we make sure that the racks and cages that we offer are made with premium quality construction and hardware through trustworthy brands such as Body-Solid, Powerline, XM Fitness and Element.

Why The Treadmill Factory?

Whether you are looking for a residential power rack or one that is required for a commercial setting, The Treadmill Factory has a power rack suitable for you. We offer commercial grade racks that are suitable for universities, gyms, condo corporations, and studios to name a few, and our commercial representatives can recommend a power rack suitable to your specific setting. We also carry residential power racks for those looking to workout at home and improve their strength training in a residential setting. Our knowledgeable sales staff can guide you through our variety of power racks and cages to help find one that specifically suits your needs.

Whether you are looking for a full power rack, a half rack, squat racks or stands, The Treadmill Factory has the right piece of fitness equipment for you. Visit any of our Southern Ontario store locations in person or shop online and have the items delivered right to your door, anywhere in Canada!