Workout Benches


"For those looking to set up even the most basic home gym, I would strongly suggest a good quality workout bench and some dumbbells. The staple weight bench comes in multiple options from flat, non-adjustable, flat/incline or incline/decline. Our best-selling benches are an adjustable bench. Which adds full variety to your workout and it allows you to target different muscle groups.

Another option to consider when buying a gym bench, is to look for benches that accommodate attachments or options, some of these options would include a leg extension leg curl or a bicep curl."
Message from our team!

Free Weight Exercise Benches

Exercise Benches are a staple in any gym. They are essential for many exercises, as a bench provides you a station to work at, and makes it safer and more comfortable to do your exercises. Whether you are working with free weights such as dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, or even doing band work or body weight exercises, Exercise Benches provide a stable base for your routines.

Available at The Treadmill Factory

At The Treadmill Factory, we only carry safe and reputable brands, such as Body Solid, Xtreme Monkey, Torque Fitness, Element Fitness and Powerline, to name a few. Our line of benches ranges from standard Flat Benches, Incline and Decline benches, and Olympic Benches. Bench attachments are also available for those of you that want to level up your exercise benches.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.