About Strength Machines

When it comes to fitness, strength is a crucial component. There are several different pieces and types of strength machines available to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and The Treadmill Factory carries them all! As Canada’s largest fitness superstore, we offer the largest selection in strength equipment which include but are not limited to power racks and cages, benches, upper body machines, lower body machines, core body machines, functional trainers, home gyms, leverage machines, cable attachments and weights. Our selection is truly endless and we have something to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for a machine to use at home or a heavy duty unit to be placed in a commercial facility, we have it all.

Full Power Racks, Half Racks and more

We carry full power racks, half racks and smiths and squat racks and stands. In addition, we also offer fully customizable rig systems to suit your personal needs! Customers can purchase power racks on their own or as a full set to include attachments and weights.

Single and Multi Stack Trainers & more

This is followed by our selection of functional trainers which includes single stack trainers, multi stack trainers and cable attachments. Next up are the home gyms which are also available in single stack gyms, multi-stack gyms and attachments.

Premium Strength Machines Brands

We carry the top brands in the industry which include Body Solid, XM Fitness, Powerline, Best Fitness and Element Fitness the name a few. These award winning brands allow us to offer machines with premium construction and lasting quality to ensure a powerful and comfortable strength workout. They are also built with comfort and safety in mind and are ideal for anyone, regardless of size or fitness level.

A Variety of Benches

We carry flat benches, multi-position benches, Olympic benches as well as bench attachments. In addition, we carry strength machines that focus on the upper body specifically which include the arms, chest and back, machines that focus on the core specifically which include the abs and the back and require equipment such as vertical knee raises, ab boards, ab benches and hyperextensions. We then carry strength machines that focus on the legs specifically and these would include equipment that allows you to do squats and presses, leg curls and extensions and calf raises.

Huge Strength Equipment Section

Our list of strength machines can go on and on. Our selection is truly massive and we encourage any of our customers in Toronto or Ontario to visit us in person at any one of our store locations or to visit us online where you can see our entire collection of strength machines and have any one of them shipped directly to your door, anywhere in Canada!