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You came to the right place if you’re looking for robust gym equipment additions to streamline your workout! At Treadmill Factory, we offer a wide range of power rack accessories and add-ons; this includes safety and dip bars, landmine attachments, lat and lift pulley systems, slings, power cage add-ons, etc.

We offer power rack accessories that are premium-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy workouts. Our power rack attachments are easy to install and take off the existing base

We partnered with prominent brands known for the quality of their gym equipment: Fit505, IRONAX, and XM Fitness.

Make the most of your power rack accessories

Our rack accessories are specially designed to upgrade and expand the functionality of your power rack system. They are ideal and a good fit for anyone from someone who is just starting with their strength training regime to seasoned bodybuilders.

Check out the full range of power rack accessories and other workout products. Shop online and deliver them directly to your door, anywhere in Canada.

We also have superstores available in a location near you. Visit our Ontario stores in Markham, Mississauga, London and Barrie, and our Alberta stores in Calgary and Edmonton. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide all information and assistance you need.

Power rack add-ons unleash the potential of your base equipment

Extend the functionality of your power racks or power cages with our customizable accessories and attachments. If you already own or are planning to purchase a full power rack, our affordable add-ons allow you to go beyond your regular cage workouts.

You can perform a wide variety of more complex workouts to your routine to build strength and stamina, including Zercher squats, dead stop squats, hang cleans, and upper body workouts that target your arms, shoulders back or chest.