Medicine Ball Storage Racks | The Treadmill Factory

Treadmill Factory is your top choice to find exercise equipment, including utility racks to neatly store your medicine balls. Whether you’re looking for spacious ground-level storage, wall-mounted solutions, or storage boxes, you’ll find many options at our online store.

Keep your medicine balls and other equipment neatly stored in specialized racks

Whether you’re planning to equip your personal training space or commercial gym, The Treadmill Factory has the racks, mounts, and storage boxes for every capacity you might need.

Use our storage options to keep the area tidy while having your training equipment near and accessible at any time. Shop at The Treadmill Factory to get the best prices and fast shipping.

Medicine ball storage racks, mounts, and boxes: features and specs

The Treadmill Factory offers numerous storage alternatives for athletes and gym owners seeking suitable medicine ball racks. With more than 15 versatile products manufactured by three industry-leading brands, our store is fully equipped to provide the option for your training space needs.

Our wall-mounted racks can each hold two medicine balls. One of the models is specially designed to store barbell racks and additional items like jump ropes, belts, collars, vests, bands etc.

The bigger, standing medicine ball racks are designed for one-and two-sided use. Most of them provide space for up to 10 medicine balls of different weights, with some more substantial rack options storing up to 15 medicine balls. The commercial models feature a smaller footprint and oversized tubing designed for commercial applications.

The most comprehensive model in our offer, XM Fitness Loaded Storage Solution, is a unit that combines three separate smaller storage units and rolls them into one: 2-Tier Kettlebell Rack, Vertical Bumper/Peg Rack, and 2-Tier Ball/Plate Rack.