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"Speed and agility training benefits are not only seen in athletes looking to improve performance, but also the average person looking to improve functions in day-to-day tasks. Benefits include, improving power and explosiveness, balance and coordination and injury prevention. Box jumps, hurdles, hops, and sprints are all exercises that help improve your speed and agility.

One of our most popular speed and agility equipment is the plyometric box (“jump box, or plyo box”) The XM soft plyo box is our top seller for both home and commercial use. It has a soft anti-slip outer shell to protect your knees and shins from failed jump attempts. It has 3 different height options to rotate, 30”, 24”,20” this allows for you to customize your workout on the fly. Inside the XM soft plyo box is a 75lb ballast ball to help improve stability and balance when jumping which makes this a top choice amongst buyers." Message from our team!