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How to exercise using callisthenics rings?

Gymnastic rings are designed for training several muscle groups at once. They are especially beneficial for functional strength training, muscle building and fat burning exercises.

If you’re just starting to train with callisthenic rings, begin with movements like ring rows, assisted ring dips, ring push-ups, and hanging knee raises. If you’re an advanced athlete, consider enriching your routine with ring pull-ups, ring flies, L-sits, pike push-ups, and tricep extensions.

Make the most of your gym rings to build a muscular physique

Gymnastic rings are notably easy to set up. Sling them over a bar or a branch and you’re ready to go. Perform each circuit two to three times, spending one minute on each, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work: a lean, strong body prepared for new challenges.

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Gym pull-up rings and straps: features and specs

Our selection of gym rings and straps includes models made of different materials, designed for suspended exercises that incorporate compound movements.

The XM Fitness residential gym rings are suitable for beginners looking for a lightweight and portable equipment. The set includes 2 rings made of sturdy ABS plastic, 2 utility straps, and fastening hardware. The rings feature an 18 cm inner diameter and 2.8 cm grip diameter.

The XM Fitness wooden rings are strong, light, and offer a solid and secure grip. The set consists of two 18 cm inner diameter rings with 3.1 grip diameter and 2 fastening straps.

If you’re looking to purchase utility straps separately, we offer this option as well. The karabiner and hook system allows for 3" adjustments, while the absence of the strap clip helps prevent arm abrasions and cuts that often happen during intense ring training.

Use XM Fitness gymnastic rings to level up your strength training

XM Fitness is a fitness equipment line produced by the industry-leading brand Unified Fitness Group. They’re known for specialty training products for CrossFit, weightlifting, and strength and endurance training.