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Treadmill Factory is the leading retailer for non-folding treadmills in Canada. Unlike their foldable alternatives, non-foldable treadmills are the best choice for exercisers who want a sturdier cardio machine.

Browse our online treadmill collection to find the best equipment for your needs. Order your non-folding treadmill in just a few clicks and we will deliver it to your door, anywhere in Canada!

Non-folding treadmills: exercises and use cases

Treadmill workouts help you stay in shape, keep your heart rate healthy, and burn fat easily. They also help you sleep better, improve brain function, and boost your overall mood.

Both fitness novice and professionals can benefit from treadmill cardio workouts. Most treadmills allow you to configure your own settings such as adjusting to different speeds, inclines for running and walking and more.

Non-foldable treadmills like bi-direction gait trainer play an important role in the physical therapy process. They help patients rehabilitate from extremity injuries, reduce the risk of repeated injury, control weight, and work on their walk after suffering physical trauma.

Non-folding treadmills: features and specs

We have a huge selection of non-folding treadmill models for anyone, from fitness novice to fitness enthusiast and pro. Some of the popular features and specs include ease of operation, heavy-duty stable frame, heart rate grips, and electronic device holder.

Our premium non-foldable treadmills from Matrix feature XR, XER, XIR, and XUR consoles. The belt speeds range from 0.5 to 12.5 mph, while incline and decline range from -3% to 18%. Most treadmill models come with several convenience features like bottle pockets, aluminum side rails, and a four-wheel mobility system, as well as wi-fi, 5-watt speakers, and audio in/out.

Bi-direction gait trainer treadmill is a specialized exercise machine designed to assist medical professionals in therapeutic processes. The device runs on three different motors and has a bi-directional belt speed, as well as a removable step-up for assistance. The belt speed can be set as low as 0.1 mph.

Make the most of your non-folding treadmill

Non-foldable treadmills are popular cardio machines that will keep you fit and healthy easily.

At Treadmill Factory, we have the biggest selection of non-folding Treadmills in Canada, with over 50+ different models to choose from. Shop online and have the machine delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Canada!

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