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We offer a range of wobble board options from our signature product line, Element Fitness. Choose the model that fits your requirements and needs and order online in just a few seconds.

We offer two round wobble boards: a 16" and 20" model, both designed for commercial use, and a 20" cork-surface rocker board with one plane of instability.

Wobble balance boards: features and specs

Our selection of wobble boards features a durable MDF construction and a non-slip top surface, which makes them perfect for balance training and rehab exercises.

Our 16" and 20" boards are circular and can withstand serious training workouts.

The 20" square wooden rocker board provides a 12° tilt and a single plane of instability, which makes this board suitable for beginners just getting to know this type of fitness equipment.

The rocker board is ideal for ankle and knee injury prevention and rehabilitation, core strengthening, stability workouts, and sensorimotor training.

Why choose Element Fitness wobble boards?

To have good form, you must balance and hold your muscles and bones in a good position, especially before adding weights to your training. We created a signature line of wobble and rocker boards to help you achieve that goal and witness the benefits of your weightlifting and fitness regimes.

Wobble and rocker boards: benefits and use cases

Wobble boards are objects with uneven bases used for balance, coordination, and postural training. Square-based rocker boards allow you to move from one side to another and from front to back. Circular boards also allow tilting in a circular motion.

Wobble balance boards and rocker boards can be used for various purposes, including injury prevention, rehabilitation, and elite athletic training.

Wobble boards are a great tool to increase your sense of balance and body awareness. The Element Fitness wobble boards are specially designed to help you improve your sense of proprioception in the lower extremities.

Wobble board exercises can start easy and progress toward more challenging ones. Smaller diameters are usually more demanding, and variations like sitting versus standing while using the equipment also increase the training difficulty.

Improve balance and body awareness with stable and durable wobble boards

The Treadmill Factory online shop is the place to find and order high-quality, sturdy wobble and rocker boards for rehabilitation training and recreational use.

Check out our selection of wobble boards and other balance and stability equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.


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