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Our online store features superior memory foam, nylon, and leather weightlifting belts and harnesses, built to withstand heavy upper and lower body workouts. If you’re looking for the best powerlifting and weighted dip belts in Canada, browse our available equipment to find products ideal for you.

Weightlifting belts and harnesses: features and specs

If you're often engaged in powerlifting or deadlifts training, you should consider wearing a weightlifting belt. This powerful piece of equipment helps keep your back in the correct position and maintains abdominal pressure to stabilize your spine, keeping you safe from training-induced injury.

We offer weight training belts contoured to increase mobility and comfort, fitting your body’s natural shape to provide much-needed back and abdominal support.

The Progryp PRO-20 and PRO-45 models are lightweight yet dense memory foam with adjustable Velcro® closures.

The XM Fitness commercial dip belt is built from high-quality, durable nylon with neoprene padding for increased comfort and security. The poundage should be suspended from a chain at the front and can be easily adjusted to your needs.

If natural leather is your #1 choice for weightlifting belt materials, check out our Progryp PRO-19 and Body-Solid MA330 models with extended back pads for distributing weight evenly.

Our Progryp PRO-18 head harness is perfect for competitive athletes focusing on the neck, upper back, and chest conditioning. The superior nylon build is padded to provide comfort and shock absorption, and the harness can hold up to 200 lbs.

Weight training belts: workouts and equipment setup

Powerlifting belts are more than handy accessories. They give your core muscles something to brace against as the abdominal wall expands during heavy lifting sessions. This is why most athletes can lift more with such belts than without them.

Weight training belts are primarily used for squats, deadlifts, and overhead lifts. Powerlifting belts make it easier to keep your spine in a neutral, safe position, ensuring your training is injury-free.

Explore our premium branded offer of powerlifting belts and harnesses

In all types of body training, safety comes first. Treadmill Factory Canada offers adjustable, durable, heavy-duty weighted dip belts and head harnesses manufactured by reliable industry-leading brands such as Body-Solid, Progryp, and XM Fitness.

Use weightlifting belts to prevent injury and power up your core

Powerlifting belts stabilize the spine and reduce the pressure it absorbs, creating better body biomechanics and improving training performance for personal and commercial gym sessions.

Our online store is the best place to shop for durable, quality equipment for your weightlifting training. We offer the best prices and fast shipping anywhere in Canada.