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Warm up for training sessions, reduce pain and prevent muscle injury with self-massage sticks and rollers. Choose from our collection of massagers to stimulate sensory nerves, clear lactic acid buildups, increase blood flow, and improve tissue elasticity before and after each workout session.

Massage sticks and rollers: features and specs

Straight, travel-friendly massage sticks are irreplaceable for athletes seeking deep muscle penetration, injury prevention, and performance boost. These models provide controlled massaging action and work for different muscle groups.

Our selection of flexible rods features sticks with 8, 12, and 16 independent spindles. The rods are 17" and 24" long with comfortable coloured grips.

Rumble Roller’s Beastie Bar and Beastie Double Track Wall System are perfect for digging deeper into troublesome areas or working on smaller muscles like the forearms and calves. The Beastie series overcomes certain limitations of most stick-type massagers, featuring thoughtfully engineered high-strength fibreglass shaft, smooth-turning nylon bearings, and non-slip phthalate-free handgrips.

The Beastie wall system contains 56" long aluminum rails (one rail for the Single Track system or two for the Double Track) that mount vertically to a wall. Specially designed rail clamps attach either the Beastie Base or the Beastie Bar Stands.

Treadmill Factory also provides a self-massage cane manufactured by XM Fitness, with two uniquely designed massage knobs for all-around massaging action.

If you’re looking for a massage stick with configurable gears, check out the Element Fitness model in our online store. It features 12 reconfigurable massage gears, 2 in the following increments: 2,7”, 2.5”, 2,3”, 2.1”, 1.9”, and 1.7”.

The heatable Acuback Kit is designed to relax tight muscles and help with your posture. Warm up the massager for 90 seconds to get over 90 minutes of heat to support your neck, shoulders, hamstrings, and other body parts to feel the soothing effects.

Why should you use massage sticks and rollers?

Massage sticks and rollers help muscle rehabilitation and injury prevention by promoting blood and oxygen flow to the targeted areas. They are ideal for treating soring body parts like the back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves.

Athletes of all ages and fitness levels benefit from using massage sticks. They easily fit into your kit bags and are a comfortable way to manage tissue maintenance on your own.

Make the most of your self-massage experience with specialized sticks and rollers

Pick your perfect massage stick or roller produced by leading brands such as The Stick, Rumble Roller, XM Fitness, Element Fitness, and Dr. Cohen’s Acuball.

Start using self-massage tools to promote blood and oxygen circulation, reduce soreness, and speed up muscle injury recovery. Guaranteed best prices and fast shipping across Canada.