At The Treadmill Factory, we always do our best to meet the needs and wants of our customers. When you come into our stores to buy one of the larger pieces of equipment, we can help to arrange delivery and setup for that equipment. If you're looking to invest in your fitness future through a higher grade piece of equipment, but can't afford the full payment all at once, we have financing options available as well! Check below for more details on Delivery & Setup and our Financing options.


Once you purchase a large piece of fitness equipment such as a treadmill, you will no doubt be full of excitement to get the unit home as soon as possible to start working out! We don’t blame you; creating a healthier version of you is indeed very exciting.

While taking the unit home yourself is always an option if you have a suitable vehicle, many people prefer our delivery and setup option. The Treadmill Factory has an amazing delivery team you can count on! Professional, punctual, reliable and quick, our delivery team will leave you satisfied. Our sales team will schedule you into our delivery calendar after discussing a time window and date that works best for you. Once that is settled, you can put your mind at ease because our experienced delivery team has been in the fitness industry for years so you don’t have to worry about damaged floors inside your home or an incomplete setup because the job will be done right!

On the day of your delivery, our team will bring the equipment to your home and will set it up inside in the room of your choice. Their years of experience have given them the knowledge and tools to be quick and efficient so they will be out of your hair in no time! Afterwards, you are ready to begin your workout.

The Treadmill Factory sales team will discuss the details of delivery and setup with you during the time of your purchase including the fee for this option and if it applies to your destination. This option is available to those who are within a certain radius of The Treadmill Factory store location they are purchasing from. For more information, please do not hesitate to call our sales representatives at any one of our store locations to receive further details:



For a fee, we offer delivery and setup of your equipment within your home. The cost will vary depending on the items being installed as well as the distance from your nearest store. Delivery and Setup fee will start at $150 on top of the shipping fee.

Please send an email to with your order number and a request for an installation quote. Ensure that the email subject line is “In-Home Delivery and Installation – Order # (your order number here)” and our team will respond with a quote within 2-5 business days.

  • Ensure that the email subject line is “In-Home Delivery and Installation – Order # (your order number here)”
  • We are only able to service areas in Southern Ontario closest to our stores. Markham, Mississauga, Barrie and London. We also can offer this service to residents closest to Calgary. Please call the Calgary store to set this up.

COVID-19 Safety Measures for In-Home Service Appointments

Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and delivery team. In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, we’re recommending no-contact service appointments and have put a set of protective measures in place for both our customers and delivery team members. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your appointments are as safe and smooth as they can be.

For more information, please review the guidelines at

Thank you for your patience with us during these difficult times.