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At The Fitness Factory, we take immense pride in offering our valued customers an extensive array of top-tier fitness brands. Our commitment to providing a diverse selection ensures that you have access to the latest and most reputable products in the fitness industry.

Top Brands We Offer

Matrix Fitness

Matrix is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry, a favorite among health club owners, personal trainers, members and service technicians. In any industry or global location, with Matrix you will discover a fitness experience that sets a new standard above the rest.


Assault Fitness

Whether crafting high-performance fitness equipment or promoting educational initiatives, we are committed to consistently upholding and elevating life standards for individuals and communities worldwide.



Experience a high-tech workout with the CLMBR, seamlessly blending intense cardio and strength training into a low-impact session. It guarantees a 60% increase in calorie burn compared to running, rowing, and biking workouts.


XM Fitness

XM Fitness Canada, a premier Canadian fitness equipment brand, stands out for its commitment to crafting top-tier gear tailored for diverse fitness pursuits, including CrossFit training, weight training, endurance, resistance running, mobility, muscle relaxation, and grip control.



Discover top-tier strength training equipment at IRONAX, offering a diverse range including flat benches, squat racks, Lat machines, and more. Enhance your workout with our collection of attachments like plate storage, dip options, barbells, and portable pulley systems.


Element Fitness

Elevate your fitness journey with Element Fitness, the dependable product line from The Treadmill Factory, a leading Canadian supplier and manufacturer of top-tier fitness equipment.


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