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We provide a vast selection of gym mats and flooring perfect for all sorts of workouts and setups, from folding exercise mats and interlocking rubber flooring tiles to Yoga and sit-up mats. We also provide Yoga and Pilates kits with essential products for beginner and expert athletes.

Our selection of athletic flooring products ensures comfort and safety during exercise sessions, helping you secure your workouts from the ground up.

Keep your workout grounded with high-quality athletic flooring

Solid fitness flooring is the basis of any recreational activity. The quality, ultra-durable surfacing will keep your workout sessions safe and convenient, so choosing the best gym mat is paramount.

Treadmill Factory is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of first-class fitness mats and flooring. Browse our online shop and discover the brands and options at your disposal.

Treadmill Factory premium fitness flooring brands

We offer a selection of first-rate branded equipment for workouts, including shock-absorbing, high-density foam mats from leading manufacturers such as Beach Body, Gorilla, Jasmine Fitness, and Stratusphere, our exclusive home brand Element Fitness.

Make the most of your gym mats and flooring equipment

Create a solid foundation and maximize your exercise efforts. Choose the perfect athletic flooring tiles, mats, and kits at our Web store at any time of day or night.

Browse through our online shop and pick the mat that will help elevate your workouts and ensure you achieve the desired goals. Order online today and get quick, secure delivery to your address in Canada.

Treadmill Factory fitness mats and flooring: features and specs

Stability and a safe grip are essential for powerful exercise sessions, so it’s crucial to lock down the basics as you build your workout routine. Our selection of durable, non-slip flooring surfaces guarantees your safety from injury, providing a comfortable exercising experience.

Yoga mats we offer come in various dimensions, with thickness options that range from 6-16 mm. They’re light, warm, and multifunctional, representing reliable foundations for making the most of your Yoga, Pilates, and fitness workouts. For added functionality, choose the models with carrying straps.

Our selection of Gorilla mats includes interlocking rubber tiles sold in packs of 12, rubber flooring rolls, and sports mats. Choose from a vast array of dimensions and thickness options of 3-12 mm and upgrade your residential or commercial gym. Resilient and durable Gorilla mats are made from polyethylene foam or low-odour recycled rubber, with a black sunflower speckle finish. They’re non-absorbent, protective, and reduce noise.

Our folding exercise mats are perfect for athletes who seek added convenience. Fold them in half or thirds to easily carry and store them. The wide-surface, 50 mm thick foam guarantees a firm yet comfortable area for workouts and stretching.

Last but not least, the exclusive Stratusphere Yoga kit includes:

  • An eco-friendly 5mm TPE yoga mat,
  • Two lightweight yoga blocks,
  • An absorbent yoga towel, and
  • Stratusphere FitGloves, weighted to intensify workouts and prevent slipping.