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If you’re in the market for weight sleds and accessories, browse our online store to find the best one for your fitness needs. We offer weight sled attachments that include low-push options, drive pads, extra posts, landmine inserts, resistance harnesses, feel replacements, and more.

Power sleds and sled accessories: features and specs

Our offer of fitness sleds includes models that enable full-body workouts while using a single piece of highly functional gym equipment.

The XM Fitness power sled has a solid-steel construction that allows you to load weight plates of up to 14 kg via the centre peg. This sled also features two anchor points for attaching accessories like a harness or a pull system.

The Body Solid GWS100 model has removable posts, a centre-weight horn, multiple handles for pushing or pulling the sled, and attachment anchors to upgrade the functionality of your equipment.

The Air Sled™ is a 3-wheel sled that can quickly change directions on any surface. With this sled, you’ll never have to stop a movement to turn around while pushing at full speed.

To ensure your fitness sleds perform optimally, we provide a vast selection of applicable accessories, including power sleds/dog sleds, multi-purpose resistance harnesses, and extra posts that allow you to experience faster transitions from one direction to another.

How to exercise with fitness sleds?

Weight sleds are popular among athletes because they support a variety of exercises. They can be pushed, dragged, or pulled. Sleds can help boost muscle development and endurance or engage in aerobic training.

With fitness sleds, you can create a routine rich with functional exercises designed to help you work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and anterior and posterior chain.

Choose top-tier weight sleds to power your training sessions

The safety and effectiveness of your workouts are our number one priority. Shop Maxx Bench, XM Fitness, and others, and experience the benefits of versatile, powerful training with top-notch gym equipment.

Raise to the challenge with power sled full-body training

By pushing or pulling a sled, you’re actively working on improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance, making your lower body stronger than ever. Fitness sleds are also beneficial in aiding physical recovery after an injury or working to avoid unwanted strains and body trauma.

Check out our selection of weight sleds and other agility and speed equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.