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The Treadmill Factory provides high-quality BOSU balance trainers, ballast balls, BOSU ball storage racks and DVD sets with full-body workout videos that combine the elements of various targeted exercises.

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BOSU balance trainer balls and accessories: features and specs

The Treadmill Factory offer of BOSU Balance Trainer balls includes first-rate equipment for gaining strength, trimming and toning your body in an energizing and practical way. The dual over-moulded platform and a smooth, non-skid, non-marking base ensure adequate training and exceptional product durability.

The Home Balance Trainer is the best choice for independent workouts, while the Pro alternative is designed for commercial use. The new Elite model features a more rugged, high-density dome and has a reinforced base for platform side exercises.

The 2.5 lbs multi-dimensional load burst-resistant BOSU Ballast Ball supports user weights up to 300 lbs. It also features a six-sided surface for proper alignment and positioning during exercise.

Each of the BOSU products is sold with a foot pump, a BOSU® training manual, and a workout DVD, while the Elite model also includes tri-lingual charts in the package.

If you’re looking for a sturdy rack to store your BOSU balls, we offer a model that stores up to 14 fully-inflated BOSU Pro Balance Trainers.

For athletes who seek guidance with their workout routines, The Treadmill Factory also provides an Xplode DVD set with five complete workouts.

Optimize your training sessions using quality BOSU equipment

BOSU training equipment is there to help you train balance, enhance flexibility, and improve your health by doing versatile exercises. Use durable balance balls and find workout inspiration in BOSU specialized DVDs created to help you work on all muscle groups.

BOSU equipment is just what you need to bring your sessions to a whole new level, whether into strength, cardio, core, balance, or agility training.

The quality and power of BOSU branded gym equipment

Define and expand your functional training with the help of premium products manufactured by BOSE.

BOSE is a highly reputable brand known for helping athletes build strength while fine-tuning their skills for sports. The brand designs gym equipment that caters to the needs of beginners and seasoned athletes.

Boost your workouts with premium BOSU balance trainers

Improving your athletic agility and endurance has never been easier. Look no further than The Treadmill Factory if you want to get some of the best BOSU workout equipment made to help power your core and provide highly effective cross-training sessions.