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Mini resistance bands help fitness enthusiasts and advanced athletes improve balance, activate their core, and maintain proper form. Browse our online store to find and purchase the best mini bands and mini band sets for your workout routine.

Shop premium heavy-duty bands for resistance training

If you don’t have a large area for training, mini bands are a crucial piece of equipment to look out for. They’re versatile and allow you to do various exercises without taking up to much space.

At The Treadmill Factory store, we offer durable mini resistance bands and band sets manufactured by Beachbody, as well as the equipment from our signature line, Element Fitness.

Harness the potential of mini bands: low-impact and versatile fitness equipment

Mini band workouts will help you strengthen the entire body while getting your heart pumping. Many beginner and pro athletes choose to exercise with mini resistant bands because of the apparent cardiovascular benefits.

Check out our selection of mini bands and other resistance training equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.

Mini resistance bands: features and specs

Mini bands are versatile and practical gym equipment. They’re most powerful when used with exercises such as lateral steps, leg extensions, and shoulder stabilization movements.

Mini resistance bands can be used to train the upper and lower body, whether you work out in a commercial training space, garage gym, or outside in fresh air. Mini bands are also often used in rehabilitation therapies.

We offer 9" x 2" Element Fitness mini bands in five different resistance levels: yellow (level 1), red (level 2), blue (level 3), green (level 4), and black (level 5).

The Treadmill Factory also distributes Beachbody mini band sets of 2 light resistance and 2 medium resistance bands in dimensions 2" x 10.5".

How to create an effective mini band workout?

Mini bands are often used for warm-up exercises, toning workouts, hip and glute activation, stability, muscle strength training, and rehabilitation after an injury. Benefits of training with this type of gym equipment include improved athletic performance, flexibility, and powerful core activation.

To use mini bands for full-body workouts, include them in your fitness routine when doing exercises like squats, clock taps, plank jacks, glute kickbacks, shoulder rotations, and side-lying abductions.