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Explore The Treadmill Factory online store and choose from our collection of customer-and commercial-grade weighted vests and tactical weight plates. Improve your speed, endurance, and strength while burning calories and achieving and maintaining optimal fitness levels.

Commercial and tactical weight vests and plates: features and specs

The Treadmill Factory offers versatile options when it comes to weighted fitness equipment. Our selection of adjustable weighted vests and plates consists of high-grade workout products that elevate your training and bring optimal fitness results.

Our selection of tactical weight plates features products in three weights and colours:

  • Red, weighing 7 lbs,
  • Blue, weighing 11 lbs, and
  • Black, weighing 17 lbs.

The plates are designed to add weight to weighted vests, and you shouldn’t use them as body armour.

The V-cut weighted vests are heavy-duty nylon with Velcro closure for a firm fit. They are designed to carry up to 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs, and 55 lbs.

The Treadmill Factory also offers a selection of tactical weighted vests that can carry between 10 lbs and 20 lbs. These vests are made to withstand severe abuse and are designed to fit firmly. The tactical weighted vests come with the XM FITNESS Contoured Plates for a more comfortable fit.

Velcro straps, abrasion-resistant nylon, and removable shoulder pads make these fitness products long-lasting and practical.

Weighted vests training and advantages

Using weighted vests in your workouts is a practice that will reward you with numerous benefits:

  • Increase the workload of your training sessions,
  • Burn more calories and boost your metabolic rate,
  • Improve muscle and bone density,
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance.

Weighted vests are an excellent way to overload your morning walks and runs to melt the fat away and promote muscle development. This type of equipment is perfect for handstand push-ups, burpees, bear crawls, and squat thrusts.

Put your trust in premier weighted vests and tactical weight plates

Add an extra challenge to your workout routine with our selection of top-quality tactical weighted vests from leading brands.

We offer specialty training equipment that caters to the needs of athletes and professionals who participate in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs similar to CrossFit and strength and endurance training, and weight lifting.

Browse our online store and order the best adjustable weighted vests for your workout. We offer factory-direct prices and fast shipping across Canada.