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Welcome to Treadmill Factory, the leading Canadian Fitness Superstore where you can find high-quality workout bench preacher curl attachments and leg extensions, as well as bench storage options.

Our workout bench attachment will help you streamline your training experience beyond expectations. Strengthen and sculpt your muscles while exercising in proper postures to achieve the results you want quickly and risk-free.

Order your workout benches and attachments online and we will ship right to your door, anywhere in Canada.

Workout bench attachments: brands and applications

Our workout bench attachments are made to isolate muscle groups and help you work on strengthening your extremities. For example, bench add-ons are perfect if you want to sculpt and build your biceps, train your quadriceps and hamstrings, or improve workouts focused on your forearm muscles.

Empower your weightlifting training sessions using the workout bench attachments that best fit your fitness level and goals.

Our bench add-ons are compatible with Ironax and XM Fitness equipment. Check out these popular models: Ironax XLS Levergym, XM Fitness XM100 adjustable FID Bench, and XM Fitness Modular FID Bench.

Workout bench attachment gear: features and specs

Workout bench add-ons help you take your bench training sessions to a whole new level. Bench add-ons turn your base equipment into super-charged workout machines, ensuring precise motion and unparalleled comfort in the process of weightlifting.

Our bench attachments offer premium design and sturdy construction, stainless steel weight horns and insert tubes, vinyl high-density rollers, and bar saddles for added convenience.

Our preacher curl bench attachment and leg curl attachment include products that support weight capacities up to 200 lbs. Certain models also come with a bonus 2" Olympic Plate Adapter.

Workout bench attachments: use cases

Our workout bench add-ons, are designed to fit the highest quality and safety standards. We guarantee to keep your workout sessions safe and comfortable for years to come.

Our workout benches and attachments are engineered to respond to the needs of gym owners, personal trainers, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Shop online and have the gear delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Canada! Visit one of our Fitness Superstores near you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide all information and assistance you need.