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Shop top-tier strength equipment add-ons and attachments for your commercial or home gym. We offer a huge selection that includes ankle and ab crunch straps, tricep bars, ropes and attachments, dip attachments for squat racks, slings, ankle cuffs, curl attachments and leg extensions, power cage add-ons and much more.

Strength equipment add-ons: features and specs

Sturdy designs, high-quality materials, and various weight capacities and size options make our strength equipment attachments selection perfect for a wide variety of uses by athletes of all levels, from beginners to professional athletes.

If you’re looking to build muscle mass, shape your physique, and improve flexibility and overall health, browse our collection of add-ons to extend the use of your workout equipment.

The products are made of heavy-duty materials like quality rubber, leather, neoprene, strong nylon webbing, titanium, and rubber-coated steel.

Isolate muscle groups and optimize your workouts using some of the best gym products for strength training. At The Treadmill Factory, you’ll find everything you need, from power handles, row/chin bars, and vertijump belts to add-ons like dip options, lat attachments, and J hooks.

How to use add-ons and accessories for strength equipment?

Strength gym equipment accessories and attachments are designed to maximize your training sessions, elevate your workout experience, and upgrade the functionality of your base equipment, like FID benches, racks and cages, and rig systems.

Use strength equipment add-ons to make the most of your strength training exercises whenever you do squats, rows, extensions, and curls or engage in weightlifting.

Choose accessories made by premier fitness brands

At The Treadmill Factory, your safety, comfort, and results are always our top priority. That’s why we provide the equipment and add-ons for strength training manufactured by industry-leading brands such as Body Solid, Element Fitness, Fit505, Ironax, Powerline, and Progryp.

Get the most of your strength equipment with high-quality attachments

The Treadmill Factory online store showcases durable gym equipment and add-ons designed to complement your routine and help you achieve your fitness objectives. If you’re looking to take your strength training to a new level, you have come to the right place.

Browse our online store and shop the best-in-class fitness equipment at The Treadmill Factory.