The Versatility of Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are a great workout tool for anyone looking to get fit and tone their entire body. They allow you to perform many different workouts due to their versatility and durability. Whether you are looking for stability balls, medicine balls, slam balls or CrossFit wall balls, The Treadmill Factory has an exercise ball that is right for you. Our wide selection means we offer different styles to suit everyone’s individual needs.

We offer 3 different sizes for our stability balls which include 55cm, 65cm and 75cm in both residential as well as commercial grade quality. Our safe stability balls will support you through exercises that stretch, strengthen and improve coordination. They also help improve balance while also allowing you to stretch, strengthen and tone all in one workout. We make sure the material used for our stability balls are durable to ensure a safe workout. A hand pump is included with each ball for easy inflation. We also carry accessories such as stacking rings for anyone or any facilities looking to organize their collection of exercise balls.

Our Element Fitness commercial medicine balls range from 2lbs all the way up to 30lbs and boast a durable PVC rubber construction with a textured surface for maximum grip and control. Medicine balls are a great cross trainer for any sport because the ball combines strength training, cardio, flexibility and dynamic muscle training.

Quality Exercise Balls : The Treadmill Factory

Our Slam balls are well known in the fitness industry due to their exceptional quality allowing them to withstand actual slamming! CrossFitters have been breaking slam balls for years, often in a single session. Now, The Treadmill Factory offers extraordinarily durable slammers in different sizes and increments that are guaranteed not to fail.

Our XM Fitness CrossFit Wall balls are the highest quality medicine balls on the market for the most economical price. Each weight is the same size, 45" in circumference and they are available in four different weights which include 8lbs, 10lbs, 14lbs and 20lbs. Our CrossFit balls allow an athlete to increase the weight without changing their movement. Due to the high end quality and durability of these balls, they also have a more solid feel to them compared to other balls on the market.

Our selection of exercise balls is endless. No matter what you are looking for, The Treadmill Factory has something for you. Whether you are a beginner in fitness world or a pro athlete, we have a ball that is specifically meant for you. Let us help you achieve your health and fitness goals by visiting us in person at one of our store locations or by visiting us online to have any of the items shipped directly to your door!

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