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Here at Treadmill Factory, we offer a huge selection of treadmill parts and accessories to make your cardio workouts safe, continuous, and engaging.

You can find a wide range of belt replacements, motor control boards, safety keys, treadmill lubricants, as well as inspirational passport course packs.

Our well-equipped online store is the place to find anything you’re looking for, whether you’re setting up a garage gym or running a professional fitness center.

Browse our treadmill parts and pick the accessories to elevate your workout experience. Confirm your order in a few clicks and we will ship right to you, anywhere in Canada!

Make the most of your treadmill accessories and parts

Purchasing a treadmill that fits you is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. To maintain the machine in its best condition and ensuring safety, regular treadmill maintenance is required.

At the Treadmill Factory, you can find over 100+ treadmill parts and accessories for your needs. Order parts online and enjoy fast shipping anywhere in Canada.

In case you want to check out any products or parts in person, visit one of our superstores near you. We have stores in Ontario - Markham, Mississauga, London and Barrie, as well as our Alberta stores in Calgary and Edmonton.

Treadmill parts: features and specs

At Treadmill Factory, we carry a huge selection of Johnson Fitness treadmill belt replacements features spare parts for various branded treadmill models.

Replacement treadmill motors that we carry will help you keep your workouts uninterrupted.

Losing your original treadmill safety key can be a significant problem for your security during workouts. That’s why we also carry a wide range of spare safety keys to ensure you never have toworry about losing them.

Furthermore, we also offer silicone treadmill lubricants to help reduce the friction under your treadmill running belt and keeping it in good shape.