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The Treadmill Factory offers a selection of hard-shell, thick rubber slam balls in various weight options. Their textured surface ensures a stable grip, while purposeful design guarantees slam balls will bounce when thrown on rubber flooring.

Slam balls gym equipment: features and specs

Slam balls are great for total body workouts achieved through throwing exercises. The heavy-duty rubber shell gives these balls unmatched durability, softening the impact when they hit the wall or floor.

Also known as ‘dead balls,’ slam balls feature a dead bounce and don’t roll away. The thick rubber hard shell is designed to be used against rubber surfaces in high velocity impact exercises.

Slam balls are exceptionally versatile and can be used for most medicine ball training movements. When we compare the slam balls vs medicine balls, it’s noticeable that slam balls are more durable and better suitable for high-intensity workouts.

The slam ball encourages you to use your entire body whenever you throw, improving core strength and burning body fat.

The Treadmill Factory’s selection of slam balls includes the black pro version that comes in available weights between 4 lbs and 50 lbs. Its black alternative model features a weight range from 8-25 lbs to 100-150 lbs.

Use slam balls for cardio and strength building workouts

Slam balls are popular with beginner and professional athletes worldwide. They’re simple to train with and can significantly improve your muscle mass. You can use them for a full-body workout or as an addition to your current training regime.

Slam balls are available in different weights and sizes, enabling you to easily adjust the difficulty level to your fitness level and goals.

The durability makes slam balls great for exercises such as overhead slams, lateral and rotational throws, chest passes, thrusters, front squats, and squat throws.

Shop superior-quality slam balls

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