Weight Lifting Accessories Canada | The Treadmill Factory

The Treadmill Factory provides a range of top-quality weightlifting accessories for beginners and pro athletes, including weightlifting gloves, belts, straps, and Olympic barbell collars to hand grips, chalk balls, thrust pads, and barbell pads.

The Treadmill Factory weightlifting accessories: features and specs

Our weightlifting gloves are made of breathable mesh material or high-quality rubber. Velcro wrist straps and loops make the gloves easy to put on and take off, providing a comfortable fit and a great look.

We also offer high-quality weightlifting straps manufactured from 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas or super reinforced nylon. These straps are designed to fit all sizes, maximizing your workouts while reducing finger and hand fatigue.

Athletes training with heavy weights will benefit from pro-quality weight training belts that are both flexible and sturdy. We provide options made from high-quality grain leather or lightweight, dense memory foam alternatives contoured to increase mobility and comfort.

To prevent calluses, blisters, and hand strains, pick some of the best hand grips in our store. The anti-slip surface is excellent for all bars, and the materials absorb and evaporate moisture for a tighter and more secure grip.

Lifting accessories exercises and use cases

Our selection of weight lifting accessories is perfect for strength and conditioning work outs. Focus your sessions on building muscle mass, endurance, and flexibility with accessories aimed to boost your performance, prevent workout injuries, and safely build those muscles.

The Treadmill factory lifting accessories like belts, straps, gloves, and collars are designed to fit the needs of novice weightlifters and experienced athletes seeking new workout challenges.

Power your workout routine by including exercises such as dumbbell rows, overhead Cossack squats, farmer carries, barbell wrist curls and extensions, and more.

Purchase products made by top-of-the-line gym equipment brands

The Treadmill Factory provides a versatile offer of accessories manufactured by some of the best-known industry brands: Beach Body, Body Solid, Element Fitness, Fat Gripz, Harbringer, Lock Jaw, and Progryp.

Get optimal workout results with the best lifting accessories

If you’re looking for top-tier weight training accessories, The Treadmill Factory offers quality products designed to complement your routine and help you achieve your fitness goals.