Balance & Stability

Balance & Stability

"Balance and stability exercises are very important to include in your fitness routine since they can provide many benefits in one’s day to day life activities. Benefits include increasing body awareness, coordination, joint stability, preventing injury, and improving long term health.

One of the most popular pieces of equipment that helps to improve balance is the balance trainer, we carry brands such as Element and BOSU. This is an inflated domed half ball with a flat bottom can help target and strengthen your core and back muscles which will overall improve in your day-to-day movements or athletic performance.

Our Element Fitness Wobble board is a great tool to improve our sense body awareness in the lower body such as the ankle. It is most commonly used as a rehabilitation tool after ankle injuries. Wobble board exercises can start out very easy and progress to be more challenging.

For example, using the Element Fitness 16' wobble board versus the Element Fitness 20' wobble board which might present more of a challenge in the exercise due to the smaller diameter of the surface. Variations can also include sitting versus standing while using our Element Fitness wobble board to increase difficulty of exercises. If you are more of a beginner, I would try using our Element Fitness Rocker Board which just has one plane of instability."
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About Balance & Stability Ball

Let The Treadmill Factory help increase your balance and stability with our balance cushions and wobble boards, including the very popular Bosu ball!

Our balance cushions can be used while standing, kneeling or sitting and help improve balance and joint stabilization while also strengthening and toning core muscles and encouraging proper posture. Balance cushions are a great tool that combine both exercise and coordination skills. They are widely used for rehabilitation, sports conditioning, injury prevention and beginner balance training and are suitable for strengthening lower back muscles and doing lunges and squats. We also carry different types of both plastic and wooden wobble boards which range in size and price. Wobble boards are a staple piece of fitness equipment for balance training, personal training, sports conditioning and rehab clinics. Our wobble boards feature a non slip top surface to ensure a safe workout and their strong construction allows the boards to withstand serious training workouts.

Lastly, we also carry the Bosu ball which targets the core muscles of your body including those muscles around your abdominal and back area helping you to not only gain strength, trim and tone, but also coordinate your entire body. The Bosu Balance Trainer is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen their body. Whether you are an advanced athlete or a beginner looking to improve your health and stay in shape, the Bosu ball is perfect for you! It is an exciting tool that will work your entire body and give you a workout you will not forget! We even carry the Bosu PRO which is built for commercial use and comes with a professional warranty.

When it comes to balance and stability, The Treadmill Factory has something for everyone. No matter your fitness level or needs, we will help you find the product that is specifically suitable for you. Come into any one of our Ontario store locations in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Barrie or London to see our wide selection or products or visit our website where you can shop online and have any of the items delivered right to your door, anywhere in Canada!

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