Strength Bands for Resistance Training Canada | The Treadmill Factory

The Treadmill Factory collection of strength bands features light and medium to heavy resistance products. We also offer strength band handles to achieve a safer and stronger grip and a more natural hold.

Strength bands and handles: features and specs

Our selection of Element Fitness strength bands comes in three resistance levels and multiple colours:

  • LIGHT RESISTANCE: red (0.5" wide), black (0.85" wide), and purple (1.25" wide);
  • MEDIUM RESISTANCE: green (1.8" wide);
  • HEAVY RESISTANCE: blue (2.55" wide) and orange (4.05" wide).

All bands are 41" long and 3/8" thick.

Element Fitness Pro resistance bands are designed for commercial applications. They’re made of continuous looped 100% natural multiple latex sheets fused together to create the required resistance. The light resistance band is purple, while the medium level is green.

Dragon Band options come in X-Light and Light versions. Like Element Fitness Pro models, they are manufactured with commercial uses in mind.

For athletes who seek a firmer grip when using their strength bands, The Treadmill Factory provides high-tier band handles, perfect for upper body pushing, pulling exercises, and deadlifts.

Strength bands: exercises and benefits

Stimulate muscles and stabilize your core using strength bands and handles. Strength bands are an incredibly versatile tool for adding resistance to exercises that include stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training. They are ideal for assisted pull-ups and dips.

You can use strength brands (also known as resistance bands) for various movements. Some of the most common are squats, chest presses, lateral raises, seated calf presses, tricep presses, and bicep curls.

Using strength bands regularly can positively affect your strength and athletic performance. Strength band workouts are also excellent for stretching and mobility boost. Additionally, they can make a notable difference in the rehabilitation process.

Browse our online store to find the perfect strength bands for your fitness level and goals.