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"Functional training is important as it improves how your body moves. Most fitness exercises focus on one muscle group at a time, whereas functional training focuses on how your body moves together which makes it very effective in improving day to day tasks such as picking up groceries or putting something on a high shelf. Functional training helps with strengthening upper and lower body, core stability, balance, and coordination.

Two of our most popular functional training pieces are the weighted vest and battle ropes. Weighted vests are great for adding resistance to walking, running and bodyweight exercises like pushups and pull ups. With added weight, your body depletes energy quicker than with no weight, this type of training allows your body to better resist fatigue and improve cardiovascular performance. Weighted vests are also popular amongst those training to be first responders, and can be used to help train for the required physical performance tests. Our most popular vest is the XM Tactical Vest, which comes in 10lbs, 14lbs, and 20lbs increments. This vest is both comfortable, snug fitting and stylish for your fitness needs." Message from our team!