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Shop top-quality hip bands for your resistance training needs. We offer a variety of hip bands, including small, medium, and large hip circle bands made to provide support and resistance while shaping your lower body.

How to exercise with hip resistance bands?

Hip bands are thick, supportive, and specifically designed for hip and glute engagement. They’re suitable training equipment for increasing resistance to exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, abductors and much more.

Resistance bands are especially beneficial for individuals who spend a lot of time sitting. Spending hours each day in a sitting position negatively affects posture and creates strength and flexibility imbalances around the core and hip joints. Training with hip bands can significantly help in this regard, especially because you can easily do the exercises from the comfort of your home.

To make the most of your hip band workouts, consider adding a variety of movements to activate your lower body. Standing outer-thigh lifts, squat to lateral leg lifts, clam heel/knee taps, and kneeling side kicks can do wonders for your flexibility and balance.

Furthermore, hip resistance bands can also be helpful in certain types of rehabilitation therapy.

Hip resistance bands: features and specs

Hip bands are fitness equipment by many names: hip circles, booty bands, and hip thrust bands. They are designed to add resistance and complexity to lower-body exercises, forcing your body to work harder, burn more calories, and get toned more quickly.

Browse our online store to choose hip bands of different sizes, depending on your objectives and fitness readiness. We offer three options: the small 13" model in yellow, the blue 15" hip band, and the 17" large band in green.

Our hip bands are made of a comfortable yet heavy-duty material that can withstand years of use. Rely on the non-slip grip inside the band, and never worry about the effectiveness and safety of your training sessions.

Keep your lower body toned and strong with heavy-duty hip circles

Element Fitness is The Treadmill Factory’s exclusive product line of durable, quality training equipment for athletes of all levels. We offer top-quality Element Fitness hip bands to support your resistance workouts.

Check out our selection of hip bands and other resistance training equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.