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The Treadmill Factory offers a huge selection of fitness equipment to power up your cardio workouts. Whether you exercise at home or at a gym, browse through our offer to find and order the best cardio accessories in Canada.

Our selection of cardio equipment includes safety keys, heart monitors, exercise mats, indoor cycling consoles, treadmill belts and motor control boards, group cycling consoles, pedals, and much more.

Cardio accessories features and specs

Replacement treadmill safety keys that we offer are compatible with dozens of treadmill models, including FreeMotion, JumpKing, Proform, NordicTrack, Lifestyler, Weider, HealthRider, and many others.

Our LCD consoles for indoor cycling have wireless transmission and display calories, speed, distance, RPM, earth rate, and other critical data to better inform your workouts.

We offer belt replacements suitable for more than 15 treadmill models, while our pedals feature a 5/8" and 9/16" HD Thread and fit on most indoor bikes.

The Matrix Fitness IX Display features a high-definition 22" screen to provide a more entertaining ride. Watch favourite films and TV shows or complete virtual courses with Zwift and other compatible training apps via Bluetooth connectivity.

We also offer a selection of Passport Packs created to spark motivation and make your workouts pleasurable and engaging. Each course features 20-to 40-minute video footage of some of the most majestic destinations in the world. Watching these videos while exercising will keep you informed, captivated, and inspired.

How to use cardio accessories?

Cardio has numerous health benefits, whether you work out using equipment like treadmills and indoor bikes or you mainly focus on movements like burpees, bear crawls, jogging in place, rope jumping, and doing squats, split jumps, and jumping jacks.

Browse our offer of treadmill and exercise bike accessories selected to help you keep your equipment in good shape. If you prefer to work out using your body alone, investing in a high-quality exercise mat will keep you grounded and safe from workout-related injuries.

On the other hand, the Passport Packs we offer are perfect for all cardio lovers, regardless of their workout style.

Put your trust in premier fitness equipment brands

Check cardio accessories in our online store to discover top-tier equipment made by Element Fitness, Frequency Fitness, Horizon Fitness, and other renowned fitness brands.

Maximize workout results with first-rate cardio accessories

Cardio workouts lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthen your heart and blood vessels, help burn calories, improve endurance, and keep diseases at bay. That’s why it’s no surprise this form of training is widely popular and universally practiced.

To make the most of your cardio training, check our selection of top-tier accessories designed to elevate your workouts. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.