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The Treadmill Factory online store features an array of MMA and boxing equipment. We offer premium durable sparing and training gloves, hand wraps, wrist and knee supports, speed bags, punching bags and mounts, timers, double-end balls, body opponent bags, etc.

Use cases and benefits of MMA and boxing gym supplies

Our selection of products aims to help keep you safe and injury-free during MMA training. It’s aimed at helping you with various workouts, including striking, grappling, ground fighting and a range of other fighting techniques.

This intense cardiovascular activity keeps chronic diseases in cluding hypertension, diabetes, and depression at bay. MMA equipment protects you from injuries, ensuring you make the most of your sessions.

Boxing and kickboxing training can improve your coordination, burn calories, provide an energy boost, and reduce stress. To train responsibly, safely, and efficiently, investing in the appropriate, quality equipment is the right thing to do.

Elevate your boxing and MMA training with high-quality equipment and accessories

The Treadmill Factory's selection of gym equipment caters to the needs of intermediate and professional boxers and MMA fighters and beginner athletes interested in these types of training. From BattleBags to heavy-duty boxing trees, our online store is the place to find anything you need.

The Treadmill Factory MMA and boxing equipment: features and specs

Our offer of hand wraps and wrist and knee support consists of products that keep your joints strong and safe during training. A variety of options available in our online store feature premium comfort and durability, ensuring they will withstand extended use.

Our MMA and boxing gloves are made of durable leather and machine-moulded flexible latex rubber. Velcro closures and heavy-duty lining will keep the equipment in excellent condition.

The Treadmill Factory store also offers a selection of heavy bags weighing from 100 lbs to 270 lbs and Muay bags, fight simulators, body opponent bags, and boxing trees. You can also find additional equipment like heavy bag wall mounts and stands, speed bags, and speed bag platforms.

Browse our online store to compare products and discover more MMA and boxing equipment like headgears, double end balls, timers, bag chain assemblies, speed bag swivels, and shin/instep guards.

The Treadmill Factory selection of branded MMA and boxing equipment

We offer a range of options made by top brands like Battle Bag, Bruce Lee, Century, Fight Monkey, Progryp, XM Fitness and others.

Whether you want to equip your gym or commercial training space, we guarantee you’ll find the products you need to elevate your workouts or empower athletes to achieve maximum results.